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Drive All Night Plays Portland Film Festival
Portland Film Festival

Drive All Night is playing at Portland Film Festival from October 6th through November 8th. Portland Film Festival is Oregon’s largest film festival by filmmakers for filmmakers. It was named “one of the coolest film festivals in the world,” by MovieMaker Magazine and has won the distinction of being named one of the “50 films festivals worth the entry fee" for several years including 2020.

Tickets are available online at

Drive All Night Wins Best Thriller
Lonely Wolf Awards

Great News! Drive All Night has won Best Thriller at Lonely Wolf: London International 2021. We also earned several nominations including best original score (Robert Daniel Thomas) , best directorial debut (Peter Hsieh), best supporting actress (Sarah Dumont), best cinematography (William Hellmuth), best feature film, and best experimental film.

Drive All Night played Lonely Wolf July 30th through August 8th. To learn more go to

Sarah Dumont Goes Meta with Drive All Night
Sarah Dumont Interview

Sarah Dumont sits down with Beth Shiller from Fandomize to talk about her new film Drive All Night, playing Morgan, working on a small indie film with a first time director, and debuting the film at Cinequest.

Read the full interview here

Drive All Night Joins Mutiny Pictures
Mutiny Distribution

Big News! US development, sales, and distribution company Mutiny Pictures has acquired world-wide rights to Drive All Night. This is really exciting because it means that more people will be able to see and experience the film. We are happy to be joining the Mutiny crew who are a group of experienced film industry professionals who love film and want to support filmmakers.

Read the full announcement here

Drive All Night Plays at CAAMFest May 13-23rd
CAAMFest Official Selection

We are excited to announce that we will be continuing our film festival run at CAAMFest playing May 13-23rd!

CAAMFest (presented by the Center for Asian American Media) is the nation’s largest showcase for new Asian and Asian American films, presenting approximately 130 works in San Francisco and Oakland. Since 1982, the annual festival has been an important launching point for Asian American independent filmmakers as well as a vital source for new Asian cinema.

Buy tickets now!

Peter Hsieh Couldn't Sleep, So He Created Drive All Night
Cinequest Now Playing

To some, Silicon Valley is already a wonderland. Playwright Peter Hsieh saw another side to it, and taking his own sleepless nights driving around the edges of downtown San Jose as inspiration, he created a slightly darker vision.

Drive All Night still has hope, of course, and Hsieh sat down with Derek from his apartment in New York to talk about his experiences in theater, gaming, and directing his first feature film, coming to Cinequest this week.


Drive All Night Plays at Cinequest March 20-30th
Cinequest Now Playing

Now playing online at Cinequest!

"Cinequest is always searching for films that stretch the boundaries of storytelling, and visions from artists who are looking to reinvent genres. ‘Drive All Night’ is a spectacular example of a story we have never seen before. It took us by surprise, took us on a ride, and it swept us up in one of the most unpredictable journeys." - Michael Rabehl, Programming Director at Cinequest

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Drive All Night to Debut at Cinequest
Cinequest Selection Laurel

We are excited to announce that our film will be making its world premiere at Cinequest, running March 20-30, 2021!

Voted Best Film Festival by readers of USA Today, Cinequest draws an audience of over 110,000 to its annual event celebrating innovation, discovery and creativity in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The festival will be held online with a possible in-person event in August.

Get your tickets now!


The Film

Drive All Night is a surreal, dreamlike mystery that’s equal parts romance and thriller. The film follows Dave (Yutaka Takeuchi), a swing-taxi driver whose night takes an unexpected turn when he picks up Cara (Lexy Hammonds), a mysterious young woman with an uncanny knowledge of arcade games and a dark secret.

After leaving the 24 hour diner where a particularly charming waitress named Morgan (Sarah Dumont) works, Dave gets a call from Cara and picks her up at her motel. She makes him drive around the city without a clear destination or motive and has him accompany her on a number of seemingly random excursions - each one stranger than the next.

Meanwhile Lenny (Johnny Gilligan), a deadly hit-man is hot on their trail. Guided by strange visions and by order of a mysterious mob boss (Vonn Scott Bair), he prowls the city looking for the pair. Every place he searches brings him one step closer.

Will Lenny catch up to Dave and Cara before it is too late?

What happens when the night ends?

Drive All Night Poster
From Writer and Director Peter Hsieh

I used to take these long late night drives through the city. Whenever I had trouble sleeping and my mind was racing, I'd get in my car, turn on some music and drive. That was the initial inspiration for Drive All Night. At its core, the film is about Dave, a lonely, reclusive taxi driver who spends his nights driving around, picking up all sorts of people, but never actually making meaningful connections.

The gritty, neo-noir downtown is the perfect backdrop for the film's two central themes: reality vs. fantasy, and human agency - can we outrun the past to become better, or are we bound by destiny? As the story unfolds and we venture further into the night, Dave - and by extension the audience - is faced with strange experiences and images that challenge what is real and what is illusion. Things become less clear, and the visuals become more vibrant and dream-like. I wanted to develop a complex, layered narrative that became increasingly more dream-like and surreal as the story developed. My intent is to take the audience down the rabbit hole on a trip through wonderland and have them emerge the other side both baffled and entertained.

Cast & Crew




Peter Hsieh - Writer / Director

Robert Daniel Thomas - Producer / Assistant Director

Stephanie Whigham - Producer / Production Manager

Marius Layus - Line Producer / Catering and Crafties

William Hellmuth - Director of Photography

Katherine Carpenter - 1st Assistant Camera / Camera Operator

Christine Kelly - 2nd Assistant Camera

Mark Lopez - Gaffer

Hunter Rodgers - Key Grip

Guillermo Areizaga - Grip

Grayson Dere - Projectionist

David Orr - Additional Photography

Emily Wohlford - 2nd Unit Gaffer

Dom Cirigliano - 2nd Unit Grip

Wayne Cheng - Sound Recordist

Selah Pena - Wardrobe

Carina Garcia - Hair and Make Up

Kyle Baxter - Security

Jose Bernardo Herrera - Production Coordinator

JJ Ryder - Production Assistant


Guillermo Areizaga - Editor

Peter Hsieh - Editor

Dan Edwards - Colorist

Wayne Cheng - Sound Design

Robert Daniel Thomas - Music

Dustin Lee Massey - Poster Design

Allison Rich - Piano Player


Christopher Au

Sam Chou


Peter Hsieh

Robert Daniel Thomas


Stephanie Whigham

Marius Layus

Windy Chou

Grace Hsieh

Henry Hsieh

Stella Hsieh

Lexy Hammonds

Ali Jahangiri

Jonathan Quesenberry

Crew Shot Crew Collage 1 Crew Collage 2


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Drive All Night Game Cutscene Screenshot

Can't wait to see the film? Watched it and want more?

Introducing Drive All Night: The Game, a free mobile game experience!

Explore new parts of the world and alternate realities not included in the film. Play as Cara and fight your way through multiple levels of enemies and mini-boss before facing off with the big boss himself. Unlock a secret zen garden level where you can truly test your skills!

Available as a free download on iOS and Android!

Drive All Night Game Action Screenshot

Special Thanks

Filmmaking is a collaborative process. What you see sitting in a theater or at home is a culmination of hard work, talent, and generosity from many different people. We want to sincerely thank and recognize everyone who helped make this film possible, whether it was an indiegogo donation, renting out your space, or volunteering your time and resources. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you from The Drive All Night Team!

Raul Gorospe
Max Tachis
Long Chang
Laura Thomas
James Yeh
Justin Yeh
Eric Hsu
Darius Fyre
Vanna Truong
Leonie Solia
Ron Gasparinetti
Boki Vukajlovic
Chiang-Yung Lee
L&T Auto
Paul Kung
Rose Lu
David Chen
Steven Corelis
Bruce W. Davis
SuperGood Kitchen Staff
Christine Kwon
Diridon Market
Redwall Studios
Melissa Hahn
Marwan Akkary
John Akkary
Friends and Family


Peter Hsieh - Writer and Director
Chris Au - Executive Producer